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Welcome to the International Junk Mail Clearinghouse homepage, the home of the IJMC Archives. Would you like to see a neat picture of our mascots, Ed and Mac?

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Dave Thompson is the current maintainer of the list, and it is his dillegent effort that keeps it running.


If anyone has some posts that haven't made the archive, please let me know. Sorry it has been so long....Here's some new shit. BTW, this update was done when I was drunk. So, deal.

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About the IJMC

The International Junk Mail Clearinghouse began in 1994, shortly after I got my first internet account. People that I corresponded with began sending me tons of crap e-mail, much of which had been forwarded around many times. I, of course, continued the massforwarding, eventually developing a little mailing list, which I called the IJMC. Enter Dave Thompson. He began re-forwarding my forwards to the IJMC2, and then I said, "Hey, wait a minute! Let's make ONE list!" So we did. Dave maintained it. Then I got to messing around on the web, and here we are.

About the maintainers

Dave Thompson- List maintainer

Michael Ivey- Founder and Web Maintainer

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