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I'm glad you've found this little site on the web. The International Junk Mail Clearinghouse is the web space for the mailing list of the same name. Once a day or so every member of the IJMC receives an advertisement free email from the list. These emails are generally junk and usually humorous. Interested? Check out the Subscription Services! As soon as more comes out, you will be among the first (thousand) to know!

Feb 24, 2002: A new beginning? Not yet. I know the IJMC has been "vacant" for about half a year now. The transition from one server to another went fairly well...except for the mailing list software. Not yet operational.

So is the International Junk Mail Clearinghouse dead? Well, keep your forks away, the clearinghouse is not done yet. I would hazard a guess no posts in March, but that April might bring a fool's joke or two. Check back here...I will update as more happens.

July 29, 2010: Stick a fork in it.


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