IJMC It's a Party and You Came!

		  IJMC - It's a Party and You Came!

I'm gonna get slapped for this one, but I've gotta pass it on. Have a 
happy and safe New Year's everyone!				-dave

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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 23:31:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael Ivey <ivey@gstv.gsu.edu>
To: Dave Thompson <eatheror@netcom.com>
Subject: [snip] please pass it on (fwd)

let's play...we're like a big swingers party.  =)

ALL DONE. BYE BYE.                       


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Subject: Aids project please pass it on

From:	UNO::PAZ98        "SILLY MONKEY GIRL" 21-DEC-1995 14:16:41.82
To:	TMK96
Subj:	Aids

From:	IN%"rjg8971@osfmail.isc.rit.edu"  "Ron Goldberg" 18-DEC-1995 15:20:14.11
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Subj:	aids fwd. (fwd)

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Subject: aids fwd. (fwd)
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	This is a long list of forwards but this is for a good cause.  I 
need all of you who have not gotten this to forward it to all your 
friends.  This is a long list so if u feel you have to delete it do so.  
On the bottom of this message is the reason and explaination behind it.  
Please do NOT delete it.


       |    |
       |    |
--------    -------
|       Ron       |
|     Goldberg    |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
| RJG8971@rit.edu |
|                 |

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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 14:34:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Deborah E. Bernat <dbernat@abacus.bates.edu>
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    Jannie Durr <jdurr@abacus.bates.edu>,
    Jen Fountain <Elektra@Dartmouth.edu>,
    Jessica Van Brunt <jrvanbru@mhc.mtholyoke.edu>,
    Kirsten McKeown <kmckeown@abacus.bates.edu>,
    Lara Cartwright-Smith <lcartwri@abacus.bates.edu>,
    Matthew Puglielli <mpugliel@hawk.anselm.edu>,
    Mimi Poon <mpoon@abacus.bates.edu>, Naeem Ali <alinaa@vax.sbu.ac.uk>,
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    Ron Goldberg <rjg8971@osfmail.isc.rit.edu>,
    Shaun Jackson <slrj@smug.student.adelaide.edu.au>,
    Stacie Goldberg <sgoldber@rebel.sburl.k12.vt.us>,
    "T.J. Shimeld" <tjsmagic@aol.com>
Subject: aids fwd. (fwd)

Hi guys,
	Ok, bear with me here.  I know this looks like a huge long list of
forwards but I kept them all in for a reason.  As you may have noticed, with
forwards in the past, I have deleted all of the names because it was just
excess clutter that you didn't need to see.  Well, this one is different -
you'll see at the end.  
	Please do me and the others on this list a favor (as well as the
guy who originally sent this out) and read through the entire thing. 
Please don't delete any of the names when you forward it (if you so chose).
This is an amazing idea - please give it your consideration.
	Take care and happy holidays,

      *---*---*---*---*        *---*---*---*---*        *---*---*---*---*   
~~~~~~|               |~~~~~~~~|               |~~~~~~~~|               |~~~~~
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\/\/\/*     Bernat    *\/\/\/\/*   bates.edu   *\/\/\/\/*    College    *\/\/\
~~~~~~|               |~~~~~~~~|               |~~~~~~~~|               |~~~~~
      *---*---*---*---*        *---*---*---*---*        *---*---*---*---*

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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 18:05:07 +0000 (GMT)
From: Lee O'Brien <CMSLOBR1@livjm.ac.uk>
To: Mzagari1@vaxc.hofstra.edu, worethcj@snycob.cobleskill.edu,
     schneider@dane.uwex.edu, dbernat@abacus.bates.edu,
     s_pcastro@pstcc.cc.tn.us, poole@soleil.acomp.usf.edu,
Subject: aids fwd.

I dont usually deal with forwards..  but i found this one quite interesting
(read it to the end)

Merry xmas n stuff...


    !!!!!                         ooooooooooo                          !!!!!
  !!!!!!!!                   oooooooooooooooooooo                    !!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!   O_O           ooooo Lee O'Brien ooooo           O_O   !!!!!!!!!!!
!!!  !!!!!!! /@ @\         ooooo Liverpool JMU ooooo         /@ @\ !!!!!!!  !!!
      !!!!!! \ x /        ooooooooo England ooooooooo        \ x / !!!!!!
      !!!!!!/ m  !m      oo cmslobr1@vax.livjm.ac.uk o      m!  m \!!!!!!
       !!!!/ __  |o     ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo    o |  __ \!!!!
       !!!!|/  \__     oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo     __/  \|!!!!
        !!!\______\  ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  /______/!!! 


it's massive.  look at this.  -emmie

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Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 10:26:32 -0600 (CST)
From: XIAN (Oh, purr.) <myrrh@magellan.cloudnet.com>
To: Friends from EW-Too talkers -- AnnaMarie
    Deborah Barban <yu136351@yorku.ca>,
    Anastasia Barracks <barr5650@jade.saintmarys.edu>,
    Vanessa <orphee@utkux.utcc.utk.edu>, charlotte@magellan.cloudnet.com,
    Demetra Kyrou <KYROUD@hartwick.edu>, Regan <yeldell@trenton.edu>,
    Emmie Carter <rcarte01@mail.coin.missouri.edu>,
    unknown <lssau3451@lavan.lsmsa.edu>, Jenny Stein <jls4t@virginia.edu>,
    unknown <bbenni41@maine.maine.edu>, Rae <sunrae@eden.rutgers.edu>,
    Aimee Hester <simee@ix.netcom.com>,
    Chrissi Marsi <mars9310@kutztown.edu>,
    Carol Sweet <wyvern@supernet.net>
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on (fwd)

	I really, really hate sending forwards, almost as much as I hate 
receiving them... but the guy who sent this had a really good point.  
He'd have to, if I'd be such a pain in the arse as to infect you with 
this.  Just breeze through all the names to the end, and marvel as I 
did.  And if yer extry clever, you'll go through the other fwds and 
figure out what's up before you get to the end, just like I did.  ...But 
then, I solved half of Myst in two hours, so maybe I'm just special, so 
special I could just pee.
	Happy Solstice!  Happy Beltane!  Seasons Greedings!

P.S. And don't just be an obnoxious zipperhead and delete this outright.  
The truth hits everyone, pal, and it'd be poetic justice if it 
reached out for you after deleting this.

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From: Michael E. Hunter <mehunter@CapAccess.org>
To: "KELLY M. WILLIAMSON" <WILLIAKM@udavxb.oca.udayton.edu>
Cc: Chris Gifford <CGIFF_at_Orbcomm@hqgate.orbital.com>,
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    Hunter Marlyin <mghunter@CapAccess.org>,
    "reslist -- Oh, purr." <FREDRC01@tigger.stcloud.msus.edu>,
    Mark Ramsden <marker@autopsy.cs.athabascau.ca>,
    Jackal <a.smith3@ic.ac.uk>,
    SU for Snowcaps -- helen <helen@m-net.arbornet.org>,
    Christene Ullom <cmullom@zonev.uccs.edu>,
    Wishful <bretteAP@phymat.bham.ac.uk>
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on (fwd)


Rmember to always smile so they wonder what you've been upto!!:-)

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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 10:48:36 -0700 (MST)
From: C. M. Ullom <cmullom@zonev.uccs.edu>
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    Gaysailor <scongdon@oswego.oswego.edu>,
    Grivno <gt4721b@acmey.gatech.edu>, Helen <cmellis@alf.uccs.edu>,
    James <ayersj@primenet.com>, Len <ulibarla@cc3.adams.edu>,
    MadMike <mehunter@capaccess.org>,
    Mliss <bb32073@bingvmb.cc.binghamton.edu>,
    OverJOYed <mary_ingalls@mailgw.surg.med.umich.edu>,
    Shadowcat <chicks@slonet.org>
Cc: Amy Schlag <asch1024@student2.uwsp.edu>,
    "Justin S. Carmical" <jscarmic@zonev.uccs.edu>,
    Cath Hicks <chicks@slonet.org>, Csilla Demeter <cdemeter@acc.jc.edu>,
    Tammie Stack <trstack@zonev.uccs.edu>, Jamie Gehrlich <JamieJo@msn.com>,
    "Maricarmen A. Vigil" <mavigil@zonev.uccs.edu>,
    Kelly Crocker <kcrocker@esu.edu>,
    Lori Watts <lori.watts@directory.reed.edu>, risaac@m-net.arbornet.org,
    Arcas <mlojan@zonev.uccs.edu>,
    Michael_Griffin <gr9045mi@meteor.uscolo.edu>,
    Darsana <msbarker@zonev.uccs.edu>
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on (fwd)

This is for a rather interesting test.  Read through all the names and 
sort of take note.  Then when you reach the bottom you will find out what 
is the meaning of this message.  Please send this on to anyone that you 
know.  Its for an interesting reason.



	  \|/ ____ \|/
	   @~/ oO \~@
	  /_< \__/ >_\       Merry Christmas
	     \__U_/          Hugs - Chris
	     /    \
	    _\    /_

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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:30:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Jeff Koo <vnex3205@sfsuvax1.sfsu.edu>
To: Paradox SU -- Abell=Trent-A <trent@vax2.concordia.ca>,
    Acorn = Troy-LA <acorn@solve.com>,
    Adam=Acen-USU <tomoor@essex.ac.uknux.org.uk>,
    Andrew=Andrew-A <azolli@siegelgale.com>,
    BigJock-BSU <j.coats@mis.strath.ac.uk>, Bob=Bob-SU <summers@rt66.com>,
    Brett=Scott-BSU <cmccrary@pen.k12.va.us>,
    Cowgirl-BSU <ryanlg@a1.cscems.tmgcc.scs.com>,
    davey-BSU <dave@ag.arizona.edu>,
    Elise=Cheryl-A <calegett@sauaca.saumag.edu>,
    Fitzroy=Shane-SU <sdesmond@fsc.edu>,
    Gaysailor=Steav-LA <scongdon@oswego.oswego.edu>,
    Glue = Sue-BSU <S.Wilson@cantva.canterbury.ac.nz>,
    Imzadi=Cheryl-SU <barth006@maroon.tc.umn.edu>,
    Ivo=J or=Ivo-SU <beswick@chaph.usc.edu>,
    Lazarus=Gavin-Coder <gavinm@jumper.mcc.ac.uk>,
    Len=Len-SU <ulibarla@cc3.adams.edu>,
    Little=Drew-SU <moss@m-net.arbornet.org>,
    Mishelle=Christene-USU <cmullom@zonev.uccs.edu>,
    Modi=Randy-SU <nstho3420@alpha.nsula.edu>,
    Monday=Casey-SU <ctemple@smith.smith.edu>,
    Overjoyed=Mary-SU <mary_ingalls@mailgw.surg.med.umich.edu>,
    Paxiel=Greg-SU <gap0100@gold.acns.fsu.edu>,
    Pongo=Grant-USU <gwt@nmt.edu>, Poppy=Tara-BSU <tjones@fsc.edu>,
    Roark=Kevin-SU <gaitheka@nextwork.rose-hulman.edu>,
    Shadowcat=Catherine-SU <chicks@slonet.org>,
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    Virginia=Virginia-LA <vcollin@ix.netcom.com>,
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    Wishful=Andy-A <bretteap@phymat.bham.ac.uk>,
    Lowell Friends -- Alan Hwang <ahwang@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Alan Tong <harvey@itsa.ucsf.edu>, Angela Woo <suzywoo@taurus.sfsu.edu>,
    Army <armsboot@uclink4.berkeley.edu>,
    Asahi Choi <ascho@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Chris Young <titan13@ix.netcom.com>,
    Edgar Kwan <ekwan@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Francis Tsang <ftsang@cello.gina.calstate.edu>, Gabe <kaelgrai@aol.com>,
    Gyda Arber <brightsong@aol.com>,
    Jenn-knifur <jennwaif@uclink4.berkeley.edu>,
    Jennifer Ly <jenly@hal.ccsf.cc.ca.us>,
    Joe Yau <jyau@cello.gina.calstate.edu>,
    Julia Bratz <jbratz@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Julie Cheng <juchen@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Junichi Gondai <jgondai@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Lien Ngo <lien.ngo@directory.reed.edu>, Olivia Lau <ciel@itsa.ucsf.edu>,
    Pamela Lee <plee@cati.csufresno.edu>, Penny Wong <Alessanne@aol.com>,
    Raymond Tham <rgraul@itsa.ucsf.edu>,
    Sanders Li <sal@cati.csufresno.edu>,
    Paradox Friends -- Cavafy <rlneblet@artsci.wustl.edu>,
    doggy <cn1606coastalnet.com@sfsuvax1.sfsu.edu>,
    HalFire <daceh@shrike.und.ac.za>, Jade <Opecs@vm.cc.latech.edu>,
    Jaymes <jjl139@mail.usask.ca>, Kfitz <hfitzger@reg.seresc.k12.nh.us>,
    Punk <gmalette@lib.drury.edu>, Richness <richlt@companet.net>,
    Ripley <cwilsnach@envirolink.org>,
    Roark <gaitheka@RoseVC.Rose-Hulman.Edu>, Seagul <dusan@cco.caltech.edu>,
    Talia <talia@sfsu.edu>, Tarkon <Tarkon@cyberspace.org>,
    Wolfie <jbelland@ece.uc.edu>
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on (fwd)

hey ppls,

     This is your little spod head here, helping out somebody's cause :) 
Please scroll down this *MASSIVE* list of forwards to the very bottom. 
There is a very important message there, that makes its point loud and 


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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 22:08:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: liz <ereiter@s850.mwc.edu>
To: arl061@lulu.acns.nwu.edu, bradk970@cottey.edu,
    chyman@topdog.cs.ohiou.edu, crissyb@wam.umd.edu,
    "Ellen C. Harris " <eharris@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Elizabeth Kiger <ekiger@s850.mwc.edu>,
    huyennifer <hcampbel@s850.mwc.edu>,
    "Heather M. Cronin " <hcronin@s850.mwc.edu>, hopperdeb@urvax.urich.edu,
    Joshua I Bacigalupi <jbacigal@s850.mwc.edu>, jeff.levit@wdn.com,
    Jason Fanning <jfanning@s850.mwc.edu>, joshm@ppcdec.ppc.com,
    Ender <klong@s850.mwc.edu>, "Mr. Mike" <mbeck@s850.mwc.edu>,
    mdef@wam.umd.edu, "MATTHEW N. KAUPPI " <mkauppi@s850.mwc.edu>,
    mrjah@wam.umd.edu, "Patrick I. Broom" <pbroom@s850.mwc.edu>,
    "Pamela B. Smith " <psmith@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Laze-a-roni <rmacmich@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Rebecca A Singer <rsinger@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Rachel Sola <rsola@s850.mwc.edu>, Lounge Lizard <rthormey@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Sara M Baldwin <sbaldwin@s850.mwc.edu>, shopper@s850.mwc.edu,
    spin@wam.umd.edu, tink@wam.umd.edu, vnex3205@sfsuvax1.sfsu.edu
Cc: AnyMoments@aol.com
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on (fwd)

if you can, please take a second and help this guy out! :)

>from whatever the h*&% you want to call me


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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 21:36:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Take That <preiss@s850.mwc.edu>
To: Mara Buzzell <mbuzzell@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Laura Madden <maddenl1@alpha.lasalle.edu>,
    Kim Hoffmann <khoff@eden.rutgers.edu>,
    Elisabeth Reiter <ereiter@s850.mwc.edu>
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on (fwd)

Sorry bout the forwards... scroll through, and You'll understand why 
they're there...


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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 19:40:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Karabeara <kbennis@s850.mwc.edu>
To: Forwards from Jul -- Alison Chlebus <Achlebus@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Spoon <dwrubel@s850.mwc.edu>, dburns@s850.mwc.edu,
    Erin Bradham <eebrad@mail.wm.edu>, New Order <jtolbert@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Marliesey <mmillson@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Matthew Matarese <m1matare@s850.mwc.edu>,
    Man of a 1000 names <preiss@s850.mwc.edu>
Subject: AIDS (fwd), it's a school project, send it on

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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 19:30:28 -0500
From: John Anthony Richey <jar234@psu.edu>
To: chempley@vt.edu, gkilss@osf1.gmu.edu, Snoopy5931@aol.com,
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    klr161@psu.edu, lthompso@runet.edu, ljb3f@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu,
    mstotz@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu, SCHELLRK@vax1.acs.jmu.edu,
Subject: AIDS

>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 17:27:27 -0500
>X-Sender: jrd172@email.psu.edu
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>        mjt122@psuvm.psu.edu, princess@bunzy.dorm.umd.edu, Halvorsr@nevada.edu,
>        nepetr@planetx.bloomu.edu, gjp@acpub.duke.edu,
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>From: Jennifer Doebler <TUBABABE@psu.edu>
>Subject: AIDS
>Hey everybody...here is a unique little project that I thought was worthy of
>passing on.  I know it looks like a lot of forwards, but the note at the end
>explains why. :)  Smooch! :*
>P.S. To the originator of this message...I thought you'd like to see how far
>this has gotten.  
>>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 17:02:03 -0500 (EST)
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>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>Hello. :-)
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>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>sorry, I just thought that this was an interesting experiment.  
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>>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 14:20:36 -0600 (CST)
>>From: Brian Stuhlman <c664792@showme.missouri.edu>
>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>I'm just doing as I'm told.
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>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>                        SARAH
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>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>This is an experiment for a person's class.  It isn't hard, but I'm sure 
>>he'd appreciate it if you did it.
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>>>>Condoms my children, condoms...
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>>>>Subject: aids (fwd)
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>>>>From: jenna catherine murphy <jcmurphy@indiana.edu>
>>>>Cc: lferris@ophelia.ucs.indiana.edu
>>>>Subject: aids (fwd)
>>>>This is from one of my HS friends in Connecticut, so pass  it to everyone
>>>>you know!
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>>>>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 95 16:45:24 EWT
>>>>From: KEESLER <bekessle@mailbox.syr.edu>
>>>>To: jcmurphy@juliet.ucs.indiana.edu
>>>>Subject: aids
>>>>For a class project, I was wondering if this could be passed on to prove
>>>>a point.  In my human sex class, we learned that if someone has received
>>>>the HIV disease, and they don't know about it, they could pass it on to
>>>>people who they don't even know.
>>>>       Could you all pretend that I have HIV, and I gave it to you.
>>>>Then could you pass it on to your friends?  Let's see if the entire
>>>>e-mail population could get infected by me alone.
>>>>       Please remember that this is a lab experiment.  I have to say
>>>>that I am not intending to offend any one in any way.
>>>>       By the way, don't erase this or the forwards from your computer.
>>>> Thankyou
>>>>Young bradley
>>>Joanna H. Case
>>>1178 Harvard Yard Mail/02138
>"Yesterday is history;
>Tomorrow is a mystery.
>Today is a gift;
>That is why we call it the present."
>		--Anonymous
>I love you and hope you are treating each day as a gift. :)
>--Jennifer Doebler

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