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                        IJMC - Atlanta Natives

Ok, for an "International" Clearinghouse this is a little bit
regional. However, it is my region, so I say good. Although I do not
remember all of the items mentioned in this post, I do remember one that
is not mentioned...

Instead of a shopping mall and Talk Back Live, you went ice skating in the
CNN/Omni tower.

...anyway, enough of that. Most of you will not get this one at all. -dave

Thought you might like to read this and try to recall,if youre a true

They left one out that I remember: I remember when the Atlanta Braves were
called The Atlanta Crackers and their ballpark was across from
Sears/Roebuck on Ponce de Leon Ave. I'm sure the tickets were alot
cheaper! he he

You still refer to "Superstation TBS" as "Channel 17".

Peachtree St., Peachtree Rd., W.Peachtree St., and Peachtree Industrial
Blvd. don't confuse you at all.

You remember the pink pig at Rich's.

You remember when Forsyth County, Hall County, and Douglas County were not
considered a part of Metro Atlanta.

You remember when we were all 404.

You remember when Macy's was called Davison's and Target was

You remember when Channel 2 was NBC, Channel 5 was CBS, and Channel 11was

You know at least three different ways to get anywhere in Atlanta.

You get goosebumps when you hear "Georgia On My Mind" played at the Stone
Mountain Laser Show (If you don't know what the Stone Mountain Laser Show
is, go back to Ohio).

You know what you're supposed to do with the pencils that are on the table
at Mary Mac's.

You wave at someone when they let you out in traffic.

You remember when Lenox Square was just one story (Bonus points if you
remember when it wasn't even covered and there were statues of Brer Rabbit
characters in the open air mall).

You went bowling at Lenox Square and shopped at the Colonial grocery store

You parked under the large colored balls.

Henri's was at Cherokee Plaza, po boys were made by Nellie and cost

Rich's Bakery had those delicious chocolate cakes and cheese straws.

Birthday parties at Playland Skating rink on Buford Highway...Picking up
pennies in your skates.

Storyland on Hwy 41 near Akers Mill.

3 Dollar Cafe was Animal Crackers, and you wanted to go there to ride the
ferris wheel.

For that matter, how about when Animal Crackers was Baker Motors and sold
MGs and other exotic "foreign" cars?

You remember when Vinings consisted of the Lovett uniform shop, the Old
Vinings Inn, Nina Wakefield's antique warehouse, and train tracks.

If someone told you they lived in Vinings, they didn't really meanSmyrna.

You went to dances at the Cochise Club.

Princess Penny attended one of your birthday parties.

You remember the Briarcliff Hotel on Peachtree at Colonial Homes,across
from Longhorn steaks.

You thought that "Heisman" was spelled H-e-r-s-c-h-e-l.

You learned how to roller skate and/or drive in the parking lot of Sears
in Buckhead.

You went to Mathis Dairy for field trips and milked Rosebud.

You remember when Lewis Grizzard would tell all the Yankees who moved
here, "Delta is ready when you are."

You mourned for Grizzard's dog, Catfish.

You called them "Maynards" (the original green herbie-curby Trash cans).

You won goldfish at the Pace Fair. You cried when your goldfish died the
day after the Pace Fair.

Only rugby players went to Five Paces Inn.

Only senior citizens went to Churchill Arms.

The aforementioned bars were the only ones in Buckhead.

The Hyatt Regency's blue dome was the tallest point in downtown.

You could stand at one end of Buckhead and see the other end.

The Coca-Cola sign in Buckhead.

The stores in the triangle-shaped property between The Roxy and Aunt

Sidney Marcus Boulevard was a dirt road and was named Marion Road.

The Buford Highway extension/I-85 access road WAS I-85.

The airport before Hartsfield.

The Atlanta Hawks played in Alexander Memorial Coliseum, and you sat on
benches without backs to watch the game.

The Atlanta Flames.

Cannonball Butler, Claude Humphrey, and Tommy Nobis.

Quicksie in Dixie. (DJ Gary McKee and Skinny Bobby Harper)

The Great Speckled Bird.

You didn't have to ask, "Which Varsity?"

Johnny Beckman and Guy Sharpe.Officer Don, Woody Willow, and Miss Boo.

Johnny Escoe's and Hart's.

Tillie the Teller.

The Atlanta Chiefs.

Lindbergh Marta Station was Arlens.

Lindbergh Plaza was Broadview Plaza, and before that it was a lake.

Where the Home Depot is, there were amusement park rides and a big
structure that looked like a cake for celebrating birthdays.

And finally, you know you are old Atlanta if you remember when only farm
animals lived in Alpharetta!!!

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