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                       IJMC - A Time For Change

Epiphany: A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden
intuitive realization. Today I gave a bicyclist a ride when they found out
a train station was not yet built, stranding them miles away from their
destination. I gave the cyclist a ride, and the cyclist returned the favor
with talk. One of the things I heard is that life is what we think of it
as. Many of you know I can be quite cynical. Quite cynical. Yet is that
what I make of my life? Cynicism rarely begets happiness...as I have most
definately found. A few simplier thoughts, kinder words, suggestions for
improvement instead of dark musings on how things "are"...well, I might
just find I have less to be cynical about. I do believe that. We make the
world as we see it. If a friend is sick, we can muse on how poor off that
person is...or we can take their sickness as a time to rise above and
spend the extra effort to keep that friend in good cheer. I would venture
a guess as to which of those two cases would see the friend well again
quicker...to quote The Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy living, or get
busy dying." G'night.                                               -dave

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Online petition: Let Israel protect herself
Addressed to:    the United States Government, UN, media
Sponsored by:    Jewish Educational Program
Web site:        http://www.i-charity.net/bin/ptn/132/tfref/23123
<A HREF="http://www.i-charity.net/bin/ptn/132/tfref/23123">Click here</A>

Not only can you sign this petition online, but also
you may leave a comment and a link to your web site.
You can also read the comments of other people who
signed this petition.  So far there are 12102 signatures.

Here is a brief description of this petition:

We are witnessing another offense that places in danger the
very existence of the Jewish State, a State formed as a
refuge for survivors of the Holocaust. We demand from the
United States Government to firmly stand by American
principles, and not to sacrifice the State of Israel to
unjustified "neutrality".

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