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                     IJMC - More Chicken Chunks

I really should catch up on my email. I have reams of email from friends, 
family, and fans (or at least subscribers...if not fans...) sitting in my 
various inboxes. I think a few of my friends think I am ignoring them 
since I do not replied to their email. For the most part, I tire of 
email. Conversations are better live. Talking beats writing. Writing 
beats emailing. So, I spend my time elsewhere...then every so often, I 
get an urge (ok, let's call insomnia insomnia) to clear out my inboxes 
and in one great orgy of typing, I reply to everything. Just months after 
people sent whatever they wrote...oh well, some habits just are.    -dave

Hey Dave,

Lucy here (from "the deluge of >>'s has been forcibly removed" fame), I
just wanted to educate you a little more on the chicken cannon incase you
were interested.  We, in Canada, are quite familiar with this invention. 
A comedy troup, the Royal Canadian Air Farce, that has a show on the CBC
has been using it for years in a recurring sketch ever since it was
reported that it existed.  What they do is dress up in military gear,
unveil a blown-up picture of the week's target, load the cannon with
related ammunition (an annoying cheese "spokesperson" -picture forrest
gump just with cheese instead of shrimp- was blasted with like 8 different
kinds of cheese, barney's been a target as well as saddam hussein) and
then let it rip.  It really doesn't sound that funny, and now that I think
about it, I don't understand why it's funny, but it just is...if you can
ever take in an episode with an especially gooey chicken cannon sketch I
highly recommend it. 

Anyway, you sounded like that was the first you'd heard of it, so I wanted
to tell you about that.  It really is absurd, isn't it. 

Well, goodbye for now,

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