IJMC And I Wondered Where My Socks Were

                 IJMC - And I Wondered Where My Socks Were

Scary thought. You arrive at work, or turn on your email at home, or log 
in from the library or whatever...and you find only one new post! At 
least you did if you checked your email yesterday...and then again before 
tomorrow. Oi, nevermind, I think my head is starting to hurt from all the 
various possibilities. Needless to say, only one today...           -dave

Here is a cute picture I drew.

        (\          /)
        ( \        / )
        (  \      /  )
         (   /<>\   )
          ( / \/ \ )        
           /      \        __
          (        )      (  )
	   ~~~~~~~~        ~~

It is a decapitated angel.  Send it on to all of your friends so it will
brighten their day like it did yours!  If you don't, demon-possessed goats
will move into your house and eat all of your socks, leading you to
believe that something is wrong with your washing machine because all of
your socks keep disappearing. 

Have a nice day!!!

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