IJMC The Deluge of Headers Has Been Forcibly Removed

         IJMC - The Deluge of Headers Has Been Forcibly Removed

To Junk or not to Junk. I would say, less junk. Or perhaps a better way 
of putting it is to increase the signal to noise ratio. This post talks 
about that sort of thing...remove stupid headers and silly ">" when 
forwarding neato-keeno-bombino things to people! Ok...I will go back to 
the nice bed with the leather straps now.                         -dave

 Am I the only one who has some courtesy for my friends?  Every forward I
 receive has a list of previous recipients at least twice as long as the
 message.  By the time I finish scrolling through addresses I'm never going
 to use.  I'm frustrated and in no mood to read your otherwise kickass
 forward.  It ruins forwarding for everyone and makes your friends vulnerable
 to spamming.

 This is not any one person's fault, it's a cumulative problem, but it only
 takes one person to change it.  You want to be that person?  Good.  I'll
 show you how.  Look at your backspace button and your delete button. Decide
 which one you like best.  Good, now click the forward button.  You should
 still be able to read this, but also to edit it.  Uh oh!  Look at the top!
 There's useless information about me, someone who most of your friends don't
 know.  They don't need to know when I sent this and who I sent it to.  The
 only thing they could do with that information is spam MY friends.  This is
 where you get to make a difference.  Hightlight that useless text.  Now,
 look at the backspace or delete button, whichever one you decided you liked,
 and carefully press it.  WOW!!! what just happened?  Now YOUR friends don't
 have to scroll through stuff they don't want to read and they can get right
 to this message.  Giving them more time to read all your other wacky
 forwards.  Now you are officially a caring person and *I* don't have to
 spend all my time deleting so my friends don't have to suffer the way I do.

 From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those of you who will take my
 advice.  THANK YOU!!!!

 To those of you who DON'T, I will send this message to you and everyone who
 sent the forward EVERY time I get 1500 addresses.

 I hope I have been able to enlighten you today.

 Thank you,


 P.S.  Turn those damn >>'s off!!!!  By the time messages get through 6
 friends, half the sentences are in one line and half are at the bottom of
 the next.  It's particularly annoying in messages that are supposed to be
 typed pictures.  I also delete those for my friends and it takes me at least
 10 minutes everytime.

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