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                     IJMC - The Alumni Deluge

So how does someone like me handle a web site like this? I mean, I 
dropped out of high school...then like five years later I finally got 
around to picking up a G.E.D.. I had hoped to go through life without a 
high school diploma, but alas, such hopes were not to be. I decided since 
I spent three years with the same class that I would register with that 
class anyway...take a look and see if your class is there!          -dave

P.S. Should I throw an alumni party ten years after my G.E.D.? <grin>

AmeriTrack, Inc. has put together a listing of every High School in
America. You go to your city pick your school and year and add your name
and contact point and you can contact anyone from your class that is
already there. Whoever did this was very thorough. 


<A HREF="http://www.highschoolalumni.com/">Click Here</A>

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