IJMC The Deluge of Stupidity Refuses to Quit

             IJMC - The Deluge of Stupidity Refuses to Quit

Hmm, now is that title commenting on this post or on what I am doing. The 
world may never know...although why the world would really care, I cannot 
claim to know...so, life goes on until we learn something else.     -dave

  Man dies cutting wires to city light pole 

	(Newport Beach, California-AP) -- A southern California man's
attempts to stargaze have turned deadly. 

	Police in Newport Beach say the man was electrocuted when he tried
to cut the power to a city light pole so he could view a meteor shower. 

	Police say 20-year-old Scott Millett was trying to see the shower
through a telescope at his home, but light from a nearby light pole was
hindering his view. 

	Police say Millett broke into the base of the pole and tried to
cut the main power cord when he was electrocuted.
	(Copyright 1999 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

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