IJMC The Deluge of Stupidity Continues

               IJMC - The Deluge of Stupidity Continues

Or perhaps better titled as, "And the Karma Wheel Spins at a Faster 
Pace." Needless to say, that title would not have fit the current silly 
attempt to fit the word "Deluge" into every post title until I am caught 
up...something I may look back upon, hang my head low, and moan as I 
wonder what I was thinking...yet for now, that is still a future memory, 
so I continue blundering along while butchering the English language. At 
least I am good at that! (although my spelling has improved!)      -dave

Teen's 'Molotov cocktail' explodes in his car

	(Huntsville-AP) -- Police say a teen-ager was trying to throw a
homemade firebomb into another car when his plan backfired and the device
exploded in his own vehicle. 

	Officers say 18-year-old Timothy Pitts was treated at a hospital
for second-degree burns on his back and released after the explosion this

	Investigators say Pitts lit a gasoline-filled container, known as
a Molotov cocktail, and threw it at a car behind his own as he drove down
a street. 

	The device, however, hit a vehicle and bounced back into Pitts'
car, where it exploded. 

	The driver of the other car, whose windshield was smashed, was not

	No charges were filed immediately.
	(Copyright 1999 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)

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