IJMC The Vampire Law

                       IJMC - The Vampire Law

Some mornings you wonder if you should of woken up. And then you remember 
the dream about the giant snake that talked coming after you in a distant 
state park. Some mornings you wonder what in the world you were dreaming 
about, but you know it is good you woke up. Regardless, I need an upper 
back massage something fierce...ow. Have a good day folks.          -dave

    (Madison, Wisconsin-AP) -- Call it the vampire law.
    A Wisconsin lawmaker wants to make it illegal to drink the blood of
    State Senator James Baumgart says he's responding to the case of a man
accused of holding vampire-like parties.
    Juvenile girls testified the man cut them with a razor or encouraged
them to cut themselves, so he could suck their blood.
    The man pleaded no contest to fourth-degree sexual assault and causing
bodily harm to a child. He got about ten years in prison.
    Senator Baumgart says his bill would allow for even stiffer sentences.
He says if adults want to drink each other's blood, that's one thing, but
kids have to be protected.

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