IJMC The Lives Of Our Subscribers

                 IJMC - The Lives Of Our Subscribers

And here I thought I was clever, naming my systems after various types of 
alcohols...granted, I have been thinking recently of leaving a bottle of 
the appropriate substance in front of each system...vodka, tonic, triple 
sec, vermouth, and kaluha to name a few...of course, then you might never 
hear from me again making this past three week hiatus look like small 
potatos! Mmm...potatos...makes vodka.                               -dave

So all of our printers have funny names like Gozilla, Behemouth, etc.
Two of them are name plainly Monster and Beast..
I got this e-mail this afternoon and new that it was time to go home...


All print jobs for Monster have been re-routed to Beast, due to issues we are
having with Monster. A notification will be sent when this issue has been



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