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            IJMC - Say What: Translated for the Jazz Impaired

Ladies and gentlemen, once again, I'm back. And to start off the posting 
return I have a tranlation of the terms from that wonderfully lucid post, 
"Say What". Thanks to our dear own Uncle Flip (and to all the rest who 
replied, thanks...I think there were 37, Mike) we have a good translation 
of the various terms that I admitted to knowing nothing about. From Flip 
to me to you, here's Say What, part deux.                           -dave

Subject: Re: IJMC - Say What?!

> I don't even know what half of it might actually mean...only what it
> insinuates.

T'would seem that most of the seeming nonsense words are the names of jazz

> feeling thelonious.

A reference to pianist Thelonius Monk...

> had any tatum

That would be Art Tatum...

> almost all the way to birdland.

Birdland was a club run by Charlie "Bird" Parker, one of the most gifted
saxaphonists to ever take up the instrument...

> a tingle in my tito puente

Now THIS phrase made me spit up, I was laughing so hard!  :)  Tito Puente is a
latino Timable player- and probably the most famous Timbale player ever....
he once made a guest appearance (as himself) on The Simpsons, and also had
many notable moments doign very strange things with Bill Cosby whilst on
Letterman...  (The best was when they climbed a ladder into the balcony...)

> hot django 

Django Reinhardt- "the little gypsy".  He was a gypsy from france who became
one of the most influential guitarists in history...  He did most of his
recording in the 20s and 30s...  could play extremely well, considering that
only two of the fingers of his left hand had full function- the result of a
fire in his caravan in the early years..

> one of her brubecks

That would be Dave Brubeck of the Brubeck quartet...

> unzipped my getz

Getz, Stan Getz.....

> love a little mingus

Charlie Mingus- I believe he was a harmonica player, but I also believe I'm
wrong about that...  :)

> My gillespie is aching. 

Dizzy Gillespie...  We all know who he was...
> I could hardly wait to coda

A musical term for the end of a piece... Also a Led Zeppelin album, I think...

> not wearing any basies.

As in Count Basie, famed bandleader...

> I dove right into her satchmo

Louis Armstrong was nicknamed Satchmo- it was short for Satchel Mouth, which
was bestowed on him by another musician..

> I want your krupa.

Gene Krupa...  There will never be another jazz drummer like him...

> No blakeley tonight.

I think that would be Art Blakeley...


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