IJMC Say What?!

                           IJMC - Say What?!

Ok, I have no idea where this one originated or even why. I don't even 
know what half of it might actually mean...only what it insinuates. If 
anyone wishes to fill me in, and let me know that most of these are real 
words, by all means do so!                                         -dave

It was a balmy night out and I was feeling thelonious.  I hadn't had any tatum
in so long, I could have bixed a choirgirl. But I wouldn't have to - the
minute I entered the Loboff Lounge, the babe with the giant eubies fixed me
with a "come duke me" look. She uncrossed her legs and I could see almost all
the way to birdland. I felt a tingle in my tito puente, and with a smile, I
had her.  this is it! 

No sooner than we had closed my front door than this hot django had grabbed me
by the hines and pulled me close. I insinuated my hand under her sweater until
I found one of her brubecks, then I slowly trance a circle around her lee

"Oh baby", she cooed. "you make my red norvo wet." She unzipped my getz, and
reached in to cradle my johnny hodges in her hand. "I'd love a little mingus,
darling. My gillespie is aching. 

By this time, king oliver was ready to take a solo; I could hardle wait to
coda, but I obliged her. She hoisted her skirt, and I saw that  she was not
wearing and basies. I dove right into her satchmo, and attacked her lennie
tristano. "Oh," she moaned. "I want your krupa.  Zoot me!  Miff me!  Fill my
cootie williams."

I was ready - almost.  I felt in my pocket. Uh-oh.   "Sorry sweets," I said.
" No blakeley tonight.  I'm all out of condons."

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