IJMC Top Ten Viagra Slogans

                    IJMC - Top Ten Viagra Slogans

They really should put a warning label on those bottles. I got one pill 
stuck in my throat and now my neck's all stiff! I mean it, really folks, 
an erection in a pill? Someone decided to make good on taking something

    --->this big<---

and making it

    --->               this             big                <--- 

...all the while, earning $9 a pop...isn't that illegal in most states? 
Leave it to the pharmaceutical companies to get around that law!   -dave 

Top Ten Slogans Currently Being Considered by Viagra:

    10. "Viagra. The quicker dicker upper"

     9. "One-a-day, like iron"

     8. "Get a piece of the rock"

     7. "You've come a long way, baby"

     6. "Viagra, it plumps when you take 'em"

     5. "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman"

     4. "Tastes great, more filling"

     3. "Viagra, built ram tough"

     2. "Here's the beef!"

     and the number one slogan being considered by Viagra:

     1. Just do her.

     Some honorable mentions:

     "We work harder, so you don't have to"

     "Ten inches long...and growing."

     "Viagra, when it absolutely, positively has to be there tonight"

     "Viagra, Now is a great time to be silver"

     "This is your penis. This is your penis on Viagra. Any questions?"

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