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                      IJMC - Wait for it...

I'm going to go find a foxhole to hide in while everyone gets to the 
punch line...I figure, I read it, so you all get to.           -dave

A traveller staggered into a dry hot outback Australian town called
"Mercy".  Temperature that would make Las vegas seem like the Arctic
circle.  He staggered upto the bar of the only pub, tongue hanging out
for a drink. "Nope!" says the barman, "this IS a dry town!  We have no
liquor, beer, coffee, not even a drop of water! we are in the middle of
a drought" The traveller is desperate. He feels himself dehydrating. 
"haven't you got ANYTHING wet?" he cried.

"Well" says the genial barman, "we DO have what we all drink around
here,it's called ...." The traveller cries, "I'll have some! where is
it? what is it?"

The Barman says "we all drink a special type of tea here.  It's only
Koala tea, but it's all we have" Intrigued, the traveller asks,"How is
it made?"

"Well, we pour the dehydrated koala juice into a koala's pouch, where it
sits for a week, then we tip him up into a glass & drink it down" says
the barman.  "is it O.K.?" asks the traveller.  "Well, it's the only
drink we got mate, so ya got two choices!" advises the barman.

Desperate, the traveller takes a glass & takes a sip. "shit" he says as
he spits it out in a shower of spray, "that's bloody terrible" he
shudders, "at least you could strain it a bit"

The Barman looks at him sombrely and reminds him that "the Koala tea of
Mercy is never strained...."

(apologies to Portia & W.S.)

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