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                    IJMC - That's What He Thought...

A friend of mine sent this one to me a few days ago. I decided to leave 
it as I got it, complete with his commentary. Apparently, I thought it 
was good enough for everyone here. One of the few decisions I've been 
able to make decisively recently.                                 -dave

Thought you might like this- not really IJMC material, but good for a

>     There's a big conference of beer producers in the most beautiful town in
>the world: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
>    At the end of the day, all of the presidents of all beer companies decide
>to have a drink in a bar. The president of 'Budweiser' orders a Bud, the
>president of 'Carlsberg' orders a Carlsberg, and the list goes on.
>    Then the waitress asks Freddie Heineken what he wants to drink, and much
>to everybody's amazement, Mr. Heineken orders a Coke!
>    "Why don't you order a Heineken?" his colleagues ask.
>    "Naah. If you guys won't drink beer, then neither will I."

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