IJMC Almost Friday

                          IJMC - Almost Friday

It's a bad sign. I haven't looked this forward to Fridays since I was in 
elementary school...hmm, probably doesn't help that the women I'm dating 
now are still in elementary school...ok, maybe not that young, I'm not a 
lecherous old goat yet. Give me a few more years to get old.       -dave

A blonde walks into a hair salon wearing a walkman and asks for a cut.

The hairdresser says, "sure, but you'll have to take your walkman off  first."

"Oh no," she replied, "I couldn't possibley do that, I'd die!"

The hairdresser looks puzzled and says, "if you don't, it will get in the way
and I might accidently cut it.  You really should take it off."

"I can't, I'll die," says the blonde.

The hairdresser is totally mystified and thinks, 'I'll just have to whip it off
when she isn't looking.'

This he does and the girl gasps and falls to the floor, dead.

The hairdresser puts the walkman on himself... and hears, "breath in, breath
out.  Breath in, breath out..."

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