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In yet another proof that you can't trust everything you read on the 
Internet, check this little piece of the C-net Digital Dispatch. They're 
right, this thing spread fast...shame it wasn't true.              -dave


One of the quickest-spreading email legends ever was spawned last
week; word of Kurt Vonnegut's hilarious and touching speech at
this year's MIT commencement ceremony spread across the Net like
wildfire. Whoops--not so fast! First, this year's MIT address was
given by His Excellency Kofi Annan, secretary general of the
United Nations. Second, the speech in question was actually
written by Mary Schmich of the "Chicago Tribune."

Kurt Vonnegut, however, has been busy writing these top ten
pearls of wisdom for the digerati:

10. Wear sunscreen. Scratch that--you'll never see the sun.
9.  Buy Microsoft stock before it's too late. Sell it before it's
    too late.
8.  Encrypt.
7.  Bathe.
6.  Build an insanely great computer. Get fired from the company
    that builds it. Come back ten years later and fire your
    successor after suckering him out of $425 million.
5.  As soon as you go public, build extravagant headquarters.
    You'll never have the chance again.
4.  Customers can't wait. Bugs can.
3.  Never trust a CEO with a fighter jet.
2.  When in doubt, clone.
1.  Make it up as you go along. Everybody else does.

The original speech is on the "Chicago Tribune" site:


Go to the bottom of the page and enter the title of the column,
"Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young," into the
search field.


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