IJMC Ugh, Da Pain.

                       IJMC - Ugh, Da Pain.

Ya know, I hate headaches. So having one isn't a good thing. This has got 
to be the most sudden headache I've gotten in a long time though...less 
than five minutes after I felt it coming it's here. And it brought some 
friends along as well. So much for clearing out the backlog of IJMC's 
tonight, I'm going to finish this and one more and then I'm outta here. A 
nice painkiller cocktail, fresh sheets, and nighty-night time for the 
davemeister. Something like that.                                   -dave

   Professor argues McDonald's brainwashes America's youth

	(State College, Pennsylvania) -- Ronald McDonald -- covert
emissary for the conservative right?
	A cultural studies professor at Penn State thinks so.
	Joe Kincheloe has written an essay that accuses the fast-food
giant of attempting to brainwash kids.
	Kincheloe targets the characters in McDonaldland -- such as
Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar and Grimace. He says they promote a
right-wing philosophy that undermines respect for higher education,
feminism and government.
	His essay is published as part of a collection, "Kinderculture:
The Corporate Construction of Childhood."
	McDonald's dismisses the criticism. And even Kinchloe
acknowledges he still eats there. He says, "I try to control it,
but I love the fries."

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