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A good friend of mine sent me this little gem he wrote. I wonder if we 
should pass it along to Congress to aid in the censor the Internet ploy? 
I mean really, you can finger and kill right from your keyboard, 
shouldn't someone be doing something about this? <sic>		   -dave

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Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 22:31:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Karl D. Kappus <dkappus@owl.warren-wilson.edu>
To: "Michael J. Diehn" <mdiehn@owl.warren-wilson.edu>,
Subject: satanic shells

	Well, look, I have this problem. I type jesus at the prompt and ksh
tells me that it can't find jesus. ("ksh: jesus: not found") Now, I have
nothing against other religious viewpoints, but this is a Presbyterian
college. Certainly all aquisitions of software and hardware should reflect
our values!
	What is even worse is the insinuation by bash that one can truly be
bourne again without some sort of relationship to Jesus. Not only  does the
shell state that it hasn't found jesus, the man pages omit any reference to
any sort of higher power. 
	Mike, I'm really disappointed in you. While I know you can't be
worried about everything, certainly running a completely moral shop should
be your first concern. I beg you to reconsider your purchases of these two
shells and any likewise demonic computer equipment. Perhaps you should
start with getting rid of the operating system UNIX; I believe that my God
and your God intended everyone to have a fully functional set of genitalia.
Certainly the name of the operating system belies a much deeper and more
underlying moral questionablility of its authors and owners.
	Thank you for your consideration.

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