IJMC George Carlin's Incomplete List of Impolite Words

	 IJMC - George Carlin's Incomplete List of Impolite Words

If this doesn't offend you in at least some manner, I'm scared. George 
Carlin proves once again he is willing to say what he wants when he wants 
to. More power to him. If you are sensetive to obscene language, I would 
recommend you do not read any further. This is my third warning.    -dave

George Carlin's Original  Seven Words You Never Hear on Television:

 shit, piss, fuck, cunt, sock sucker, mother fucker and tits.

George Carlin's Incomplete List of Impolite Words:


   godamn, bitch, bastard, crud, crap, turd, shit, dingleberry,
piss,iddle, leak, mung, cheese, laying some cable, dropping a load, ass,
booty, hiney, tokhes, bum, buns, rump, cheeks, tits, jugs, bazooms,
knockers, knobs, lungs, balloons, brown eyes, balls, nuts, onions, jewels,
rocks, stones, ballbag, jism,come,shoot, cream, wad, juice, peckertracks,
pearl necklace, crabs, dose, syph, clap, gleet, raincoat, scumbag, rubber,
gasket, french tickler, dildo, fuck, screw, lay, diddle, push, plow, hump,
cut, bang, poke, batter, wham, beef injection, vitamin F, knock-up,
putout, dipyourwick, hide the salami, quickie, nooner, matinee, pop your
cookies, bust your nuts, get your rocks off, bananas & cream, piece of
ass, nookie, poontang, cunt, cooz, cooch, crack, gash, notch, twat, slash,
ginch, hole, hatch, slit, snatch, quim, bob, snapper, beaver, tail, pussy,
muff, bearded clam, furburger, tuna taco, bush, hair pie, wooley booger,
glory hole, merkin, mucket, button, clit, cherry, clamp, snappin' pussy,
taint, boy in the boat, man in the canoe, mutt rag, on the rag, flying the
flag, riding the cotton pony, having the painters in, hard-on, rod-on,
bone-on, boner, stiff, piss hard, wet dream, hot nuts, horny, randy, blue
balls, lovers nuts, cunt struck, queefer, pussy fart, asshole, bunghole,
little brown eyeball, bugger, brown, ream, cornhole, buttfuck, backdoor,
bite the brown, sugar bowl pie, mustard road, up the old dirt road,
hershey highway, fudge packer, pound cake, finger fuck, dry hump, cop a
feel, tit fuck, french fuck, one man band, hand job, french job, blow job,
head job, rim job, hum job, pipe job, suckoff, give head, give face,
gobble, cop a stem, cop a doodle, go down on, muff dive, moustache ride,
sit on one's face, yodeling in the gulley, sixty-nine, seventy-one,
sixty-eight, golden showers, around the world, daisy chain, sloppy
seconds, dog style, mongolian cluster fuck, group grope, gang bang, circle
jerk, well hung, dick, prick, dork, dong, tong, doniker, dingus, wang,
schlong, schwanz, schmuck, putz, pork, pecker, peter, prong, tool, rod,
hammer, shaft, stick, snake, knob, lob, stem, root, joint, piece, gun,
meat, beef, pork, weenie, skin flute, meat whistle, talleywacker, middle
leg, short arm, rod of love, joy stick, love muscle, dingdong, tube steak,
pink pencil, bald headded mouse, trowser snake, one eyed monster, one eyed
wonder worm, jelly roll, puddin', jerkoff, jackoff, whackoff, pulloff,
beatoff, fist fuck, wanking, beating your meat, flogging your dong,
pounding your pud, bleeding your weed, stroking it, giving it a tug,
beating the bishop, jerk the gherkin, shootin' putty at the moon, pocket
pool, pimp, hooker, trick, queer, queen, punk, faggot, quiff, dyke, diesel
dyke, lezzie, bulldagger, box lunch, seafood, rough trade, eat me, fuck
you, up your ass, fuck off, piss off,piss on you, stick it, stuff it,
shove it, ram it, jam it, cram it, sit on it, get laid, get in, get off,
get it on, get it up, mother fucker, cock sucker, old fart, fart face,
fart sniffer, cocksman, scatfan, asshole, peckerhead, scumbag, fuck up,
fuck off, ball breaker, ball buster, a real pisser, cock teaser,
cuntslapper, ass kisser, brown nose, shitass, shit heel, douchebag,

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