IJMC Exerpt From Matt Groening's Life in Hell

	 IJMC - Exerpt From Matt Groening's Life in Hell

Just a little borrowed this one is. But given that so many of our 
subscribers are students, I find it quite appropriate. Enjoy! -dave

Hate School?
console yourself with these thoughts:
	at least you get to graduate and scram
	your teachers never graduate
	they're stuck here

Be Careful!!
	in an average 30-student class:
		15 students are half-asleep
		10 students are totally asleep
		5 students are totally awake
	guess which 5 students the teacher is most suspicious of!

Never Corner A Teacher
	although generally docile, teachers have been known to attack 
savagely when backed up against a wall
	remember, teachers hate saying "i don't know"
	and they cannot ever, ever say "i'm sorry"

No Matter How Bad It Gets, Don't Kill Yourself!
	they will make jokes about you
	death lasts even longer than grade school and high school put together
	there is no TV in heaven (there is TV in hell, however)

from matt groening's Life in Hell

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