IJMC Outta Date.

			  IJMC - Outta Date.

No one here at the IJMC ever claimed to know what the date was...enjoy! -dave

Some actual Valentine messages found in the Feb. 14, 1995 edition
 of the Daily Nebraskan, for your enjoyment/wooziness:
 Adam L.,
         You swinging buck stallion! Ride me!
                 - The Queen of the Jungle
         If you wanted mayo on your burger, you should have shaken the bottle
         This ad good for one free back massage. Be my valentine?
                 - Love, John
 Hey Snugglebunny!
         I know a place you can plant your carrot! Humpity, humpity, hop!
                 - Boo
         Smooch smooch, kiss kiss, hug hug, tonite is the one night of the year
         when you have to hold my hand in public without turning all red from
         embarassment! Can you do it? If you do, I'll return the favor and let
         you hold the remote control.
                 - Love, Kim
 Kim, Christy, Tina, Stacey,
         Here's your damn Valentine ad! I wuv you so much snooky, wooky, dooky
         (Bleh!!). Love ya guys.
                 - Todd (Gangsta of love) AKA Maurice
                 - BABBY
         Mayonnaise was not the problem. It was the size of the jar. Tammi
         told me I was buying jumbo                - Amy
         Well here we are yet again another big V-Day, and no I'm not referring
         to any STD's. What can I say turn the butter, don't lose the bread,
         don't let your tail whack no wall, and don't by no means never, ever
         buy any pounds of enispay's from the scarcy guy.
                 - Love Fire
 Princess Buttercup,
         With each passing day we've spent together, my love for you only
         increases. I'll BURS4EVER.
                 - Wesley
 Shell my Belle,
         Happy 21st. I khope the b'job was good going down. Remember, Colorado
         sucks, but you swallowed.
                 - Brad P.
         Happy Valentine's Day, quit being a poop butt. But I'll still love you.
                 - Amy
 Virginia L.,
         My loins are in a dither, if you'd only come hither. Please give me
         a chance, I need a little romance.
                 - Love, Frederick
         On our fourth V-Day together, let's get crazy. We'll do nude
         contrapposto poses!
                 - Sparky

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