IJMC Scary Pick-up Lines

			IJMC - Scary Pick-up Lines

These have to be some of the worst pick-up lines I've ever seen. Maybe 
it's time for a repost of the Canonical list of Pick-up Lines?   -dave

                 Top Ten Best Pick-up Lines in an Honors Dorm
10) Do you really think I'm as sexy as Captain Picard?
9) I think the electricity between you and me is throwing off the experiment.
8) I like your Maxwell's Equations T-shirt.  I'd like it even better on my
   bedroom floor.
7) I'll see what I can do about your grade. (TA's only)
6) You know what they say about the size of a man's calculator...
5) I make excellent use of my hard drive.

4) I hear the junior physics laboratory is gorgeous by moonlight.

3) I always carry protection - you never know when a pen might leak.

2) Hey baby, what's your sine?

1) I don't need your number, I'll just finger you later. 

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